“10 years of projects, groups, tours, rehearsals and records as Yom… 10 years of meeting people and making friends, 10 years criss-crossing France and the world in the company of musicians, sound engineers, road managers, stage managers, lighting designers, producers, tour staff, press attachés, label managers and others, be they in or out of the spotlight, without whom all this could never have existed. So a huge thank-you to all the people, musicians and others, who have made and still make this amazing adventure possible, and… A thousand thanks for still being there, at concerts or holding this album in your hands!” -by Yom

Disk: 1
1. Rêve de l’enfant
2. Le silence de l’exode (Rouge)
3. Picnic in Tchernobyl
4. Everywhere home
5. The joyfull wedding
6. Vegetal love
7. On the endless road
8. Angel
9. With love
10. Where were you before prohibition?
11. Wandering (Inédit)

Disk: 2
1. Le silence de l’exode (Silence)
2. The unknown
3. Oh Daddy that’s good
4. Journey of life
5. Petite fille
6. Le silence de l’exode (Moïise)
7. Underground storm
8. Kaddish for Superman
9. Les hautes plaines (Inédit)

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