V.A. / MONGOLIE, Chamanes et Lamas

1 “Voyage Chamanique”  9:01
Performer – Mme Balžir

2 “Voyage Chamanique”  19:36
Performer – M. Tseren

3 “Tchogtchin Qural”  13:30
Conch [Call On Conches], Voice [Recitation], Bells [Qonq], Drum [Sand-drums Damaru], Oboe [Oboes Bishgüür] – Unknown Artist

4 “Qailangiyn Qural”  17:32
Performer [About Eighty Monks With The Full Ritual Orchestra], Bells [Qonq], Drum [Damaru Sand-Drums Whipped With Little Balls], Horn [Gandan Short Horns, Urt Buree (Dun-chen) Long Horns], Conch [Tsagaan Buree Conches], Frame Drum [Kengerek Two-skinned Drums On A Frame], Cymbal [Tsam Mamelon Cymbals And Tselnim Large Cymbals], Gong [Gongs], Oboe [Bishgüür Oboes] – Unknown Artist

Recorded 1991-92 & 1993 in Mongolia.

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