V.A. / WELCOME TO ZAMROCK ! How Zambia’s Liberation Led to a Rock Revolution 1972-1977

WELCOME TO ZAMROCK ! ザンビアの長期経済低迷の中で消えてしまったガレージバンド・スタイル “ザンロック”花盛りし頃の、強烈なサンプルがコレ〜写真満載ブック仕様!

1. Ngozi Family – Hi Babe
2. Musi-O-Tunya – Musi-O-Tunya
3. WITCH – You Better Know (Original Version)
4. Blackfoot – Running
5. Dr. Footswitch – Everyday Has Got A New Dream
6. Chrissy Zebby Tembo – Born Black
7. Salty Dog – Fast
8. Teddy Chisi – Funky Lady
9. Crossbones – Rain & Sunshine
10. Born Free – I Don’t Know
11. The Five Revolutions – Fwe Bena Zambia
12. Amanaz – Khala My Friend (Reverb Version)
13. Ricky Banda – Who’s That Guy
14. Machine Gunners – Changa Namwele
15. Keith Mlevhu – Dzikolino Ni Zambia
16. Cosmos Zani – Poverty

By the mid 1970s, the Southern African nation known as the Republic of Zambia had fallen on hard times. Though the country’s first president Kenneth Kaunda had thrown off the yoke of British colonialism, the new federation found itself under his self-imposed, autocratic rule. Conflict loomed on all sides of this landlocked nation. Kaunda protected Zambia from war, but his country descended into isolation and poverty as he supported rebel movements in neighboring countries Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and stood up against apartheid South Africa.

This is the environment in which the 70s rock revolution that has come to be known as Zamrock flourished. It’s no wonder that the Zambian musicians taken by American and European influences gravitated to the dark side of the rock and funk spectrum. Fuzz guitars were commonplace, as were driving rhythms influenced by James Brown’s funk and Jimi Hendrix’s rock. Musical themes, mainly sung in the country’s constitutional language, English, were often bleak.〜レーベル・インフォより

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