V.A. / SHADES OF SORROW, Rare Chicano & Blue Eyed Soul Ballads, Volume 1


1. The Spyres “Looking For A Place”
2. The Fabulous Three “Need It Now”
3. The Futuras “Portrait Of A Fool”
4. The 101st Calvary “I Love You”
5. Mike Lundy “Gray Skies”
6. Long Island Sound “Hey There”
7. The Shaparells “Come Back”
8. The Chapters “Without You”
9. The Federal Fugitives “Just Remenber”
10. Overland Express “Love Is A Funny Thing”
11. The Egyptians “Can I Believe”
12. Music Department “Quiet Hours”
13. The M.B.’s (Modern Blues) “Just To Say Hello”
14. 3rd Trick “It Hurts Me”
15. Jon Paul “Girl”
16. The Invaders “O Lord”
17. The Breed “Is This Goodbye”
18. The Basooties “I’m So Proud”
19. The Subconcious Mind “No Fair At Hall”
20. The Six Pak “Uphill Climb To The Bottom”


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