CD 1
1. Beer Drinking Woman (Memphis Slim) – Memphis Slim
2. Junker Blues (Champion Jack Dupree) – Champion Jack Dupree
3. Midnight Steppers (Big Bill Broonzy feat. Josh Altheimer) – Big Bill Broonzy
4. Let Me Hang My Stocking in Your Christmas Tree (Roosevelt Sykes) – Roosevelt Sykes
5. Sugar Bowl Blues (Curtis Jones) – Curtis Jones
6. Worried Life Blues (Big Maceo) – Big Maceo
7. You Got to Help Me Some (Memphis Slim) – Memphis Slim
8. 44 Blues (Roosevelt Sykes) – Roosevelt Sykes
9. New Mistake in Life (Roosevelt Sykes) – Roosevelt Sykes
10. Can’t You Read? (Big Maceo) – Big Maceo
11. New Come Back Baby (Walter Davis) – Walter Davis
12. I See My Great Mistake (Memphis Slim) – Memphis Slim
13. I’m the Woogie Man (Bob White) – Bob White
14. Frisco Blues (Walter Davis) – Walter Davis
15. Tin Pan Alley (Curtis Jones) – Curtis Jones
16. Chicago Breakdown (Big Maceo) – Big Maceo
17. Grinder Man Blues (Memphis Slim) – Memphis Slim
18. This Tavern Boogie (Roosevelt Sykes) – Roosevelt Sykes
19. Won’t Be a Fool No More (Big Maceo) – Big Maceo
20. Drunk Again (Champion Jack Dupree) – Champion Jack Dupree
21. Vicksburg Blues (Little Brother Montgomery) – Little Brother Montgomery
22. Tears Come Rolling Down (Walter Davis) – Walter Davis
23. Blues N Boogie (Roosevelt Sykes) – Roosevelt Sykes
1. Honky Tonk Train Blues (Meade Lux Lewis) – Meade ‘Lux’ Lewis
2. Boogie Woogie Prayer (Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis) – Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis
3. Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons) – Albert Ammons
4. B and O Blues (Pete Johnson) – Pete Johnson
5. Pine Top’s Boogie Woogie (Cripple Clarence Lofton) – Cripple Clarence Lofton
6. State Street Special (Jimmy Yancey) – Jimmy Yancey
7. Boogie Woogie Blues (Albert Ammons) – Albert Ammons
8. Climbin’ and Screamin’ (Pete Johnson) – Pete Johnson
9. Indiana Avenue Stomp (Montana Taylor) – Montana Taylor
10. Pine Creek (Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons) – Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons
11. I Don’t Know (Cripple Clarence Lofton) – Cripple Clarence Lofton
12. Albert’s Special Boogie (Albert Ammons) – Albert Ammons
13. Blues on the Down Beat (Pete Johnson) – Pete Johnson
14. Rising Tide Blues (Meade Lux Lewis) – Meade ‘Lux’ Lewis
15. At the Window (Jimmy Yancey) – Jimmy Yancey
16. In De Mornin’ (Cripple Clarence Lofton) – Cripple Clarence Lofton
17. Kaycee Feeling (Pete Johnson) – Pete Johnson
18. Five O’Clocks (Montana Taylor) – Montana Taylor
19. Had a Dream (Cripple Clarence Lofton) – Cripple Clarence Lofton
20. Yancey Stomp (Jimmy Yancey) – Jimmy Yancey
21. Jimmy’s Rocks (Jimmy Yancey) – Jimmy Yancey
22. Roses of Picardy (Albert Ammons) – Albert Ammons
23. Lady Be Good (Albert Ammons) – Albert Ammons
CD 3
1. Dices! Dices! (Big Chief Ellis) – Big Chief Ellis
2. Little Mama Boogie (Thunder Smith) – Thunder Smith
3. Miss Minnie Lee Blues (Jimmy McCracklin) – Jimmy McCracklin
4. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd) – Eddie Boyd
5. Chicken Shack Boogie (Amos Milburn) – Amos Milburn
6. Big Town Play Boy (Little Johnny Jones) – Little Johnny Jones
7. The Mojo (J B Lenoir feat. Sunnyland Slim) – J.B. Lenoir
8. Tired of Crying Over You (Morris Pejoe feat. Henry Gray) – Morris Pejoe
9. I Have a Little Girl (Howlin’ Wolf feat. Henry Gray) – Howlin’ Wolf
10. Time Will Tell (Cecil Gant) – Cecil Gant
11. Roll, Tumble and Slip (Sunnyland Slim) – Sunnyland Slim
12. Hattie Green (Dr Hepcat) – Dr. Hepcat
13. Monday Woman (Willie Mabon) – Willie Mabon
14. Red’s Boogie (Piano Red) – Piano Red
15. I Had to Let Her Go (Eddie Boyd feat. James Clark) – Eddie Boyd
16. Young Fashioned Ways (Muddy Waters feat. Otis Spann) – Muddy Waters
17. Down in the Groovy (Lonnie Lyons) – Lonnie Lyons
18. Blue, Black and Evil (Leroy Ervin) – Lonnie Lyons
19. Little Willie s Boogie (Little Willie Littlefield) – Leroy Ervin
20. Bicycle Boogie (Bob Gaddy) – Little Willie Littlefield
21. Hepcat’s Boogie (Dr Hepcat) – Bob Gaddy
22. Sampson Street Boogie (Willie Johnson) – Dr. Hepcat
23. Dust My Broom (Robert Lockwood feat. Sunnyland Slim) – Willie Johnson
24. Otis in the Dark (Otis Spann) – Robert Lockwood

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