V.A. -FEILD REC. BY HUGH TRACEY / OTHER MUSICS FROM ZIMBABWE 1948′ 49′ 51′ 58′ 63′ Southern Rhodesia

southern-rhodesiaもうひとつのジンバブウェ(親指ピアノを中心に)- 南ローデシア’48、’49、’51、’57、’58、’63


CD with 24-page booklet, 27 tracks total time 70’17”
日本語解説付(by 森砂里詩)

One kind of mbira – that of the Shona Zezeru people from around the capital Harare, the mbira dza vazimu, is now well-known, but there was plenty of other beautiful music in Zimbabwe in the 1950s, notably by the Ndau and Sena Tonga peoples. This album will correct your idea of Zimbabwean traditional music!

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