V.A. / CUMBIA MADAME 1963 -1983

14 tracks from 1963 to 1983 of south american female singers.
1973, Medellin, Colombia
The well-known Hornythologist Tom Stakhanov, traveling in the South America for bird watching, including chicks, fall in love with cumbia music and, to be more specific, with the female singers. He starts to dig for south american music records to remember the mood when he wil have to come back to Paris.
Back home, a night in a famous tiki bar in the french capital, Cedrico AKA « The Manager » introduces him to the no less famous The Loire Valley Calypsos, a band very enthusiatic about exotic music. After drinking « chartreuse » and « crémant », becoming friends, they convice themselves that it is highly important to make cumbia female singers great again.
This was born « Cumbia Madame ».


A side
1.Supercombo Los Tropicales (Doris Salas) – El Arenal
2.Pacho Galan – Currucuchando Currucuchito
3.Los Soneros De Gamero (Irene Martinez) – Rosa
4.Combo Los Galleros – Soledad
5.Lucho Bermudez – Colombia Tierra Querida
6.Avelino Munoz – Papelito Blanco
7.Son Palenque – La Verdolaga
B side
1.Los Soneros De Gamero (Irene Martinez) – La Cumbia Del Negro
2.Supercombo Los Tropicales (Doris Salas) – Queja Negra
3.La Negra Del Ritmo – Yo Tengo Una Cosa
4.Los Bestiales – Palomitas De Colores
5.Avelino Munoz- Compadre Pacho
6.Doris Salas – Ninfa Morena
7.Edmundo Arias – Cumbia Del Caribe

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