★コレクターズ誌 ” 2017 WORLD MUSIC リイシューBEST 5” で深沢さんが挙げていらしたコレクションLPですね、労作です(なぜにCD出ないのか!って、もうUSではこの手のレアーものは、LP or ダウンロード発売がフツーになってしまってますから、仕方ないですねえ…ちなみに、未だにCDがある程度命脈を保って売れている国は、ドイツ、日本、イタリア、もう全然売れませんねえホント、って国は、アメリカ、イギリス、フランス、ってことで、第2時世界大戦の同盟国 vs 連合国の構図がここでも繰り返さえれているそーです。怖いですねえ、国民性…

An almost mythical figure of African acoustic guitar, George Mukabi’s reinvention of fingerstyle quickly spread from western Kenya throughout East Africa before his tragic death in 1963. Hailing from the Luhya speaking Kisa Region, George Mukabi combined local elements of the nyatiti lyre and sukuti drum into the bouncing “omutibo” guitar style, in which melody, rhythm and bass lines all merged in two hands on one instrument. An imposing man that was both respected and feared, he sang of the tumults of marriage, morality and Kenyan life, selling hundreds of thousands of records in East and Central Africa, though only dimly recognized overseas. 54 years after his passing, we are proud to help preserve the legacy and legend of George Mukabi. LP and digital versions include a 12 page booklet featuring an oral history by George’s son, Johnstone Ouko Mukabi, along with several other peers and family members, as well as full lyrics in Swahili and English. Digital version includes 15 additional rare songs. (メーカーインフォより)

A1 George MukabiSengula / Nakupenda
A2 George MukabiFesto / Amahaya
A3 George MukabiDaudi / Nyanza
A4 George MukabiBibi / Mzuri Nyumbani
A5 George MukabiBibi / Mama Ganzi Mzuri?
A6 George MukabiKuoa / Utaoa
B1 George MukabiFuraha / Wenye Gita
B2 George MukabiRaha / Inopoteza
B3 George MukabiJared / Onyango
B4 George MukabiTom / Itabale
B5 Peter AkwabiKifo / Cha Mukabi
B6 Johnstone Ouko / Mtoto Si Nguo

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