ギターと声しか聞こえて来ませんね、アフリカ中西部、カメルーンに住まうピグミー達の歌の感覚を、自分自身の生活感覚や旅、そして音楽指向に投影するような、繊細微妙なヴォーカルスタイルを深化させるとともに、北インド古典のスライド・ギタリスト、デバシシュ・バタチャルヤを招き、その歌のあり方にフィットするように、何気ないようでいて、これはけっこう不思議な生ギター・サウンドを、何気なく展開。英語、フランス語、”Camfranglais”(〜ピンジ / クレオール語)の淡々とした歌の中に、思いもつかない大容量の情報が込められている、ような気もして来ました…?

1 Out Of Africa 5:24
2 Respects 6:36
3 Oyé 5:28
4 Fruits Frais 5:22
5 Same Boat 5:02
6 Mille Noms 6:20
7 For Papa 4:27
8 Uréhi 5:32
9 Kamit Peace 4:53
10 Ke Enda Oko 9:09
11 Nougwé 4:09

Erik Aliana’s search for a raw and vibrant aesthetic continues. The tracks on his new album are mainly devoted to saluting and celebrating ancestors and their relationship with nature, society, spirituality. In this rich epic, Erik sings in the vernacular — in English, French and pidgin “camfranglais”. He deals in themes that fascinate or preoccupy him: nature, travel, encounters, movement, exile, death. His accomplished vocal technique bears the influence of pygmy polyphonies, and his innovative guitar playing is captivating and percussive. Erik has developed a special relationship with Debashish Bhattacharya, master of the Indian slide guitar, who joins him for some of the tracks. There is no conflict here between ancient and modern, only a perpetual quest and a fertile movement between yesterday and today.(メーカーインフォより)

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