1 Time to ashes and tears
2 The pig & monkey tree
3 God of disaster
4 Yama-uba
5 Cosmic Dogs
6 Lost dog in space
7 Proctor’s ledge
8 Dogzilla
9 Abstract Dogs
10 Dog eat dog
11 Ho my dog!
12 Got Damn Dogs
13 Volva
14 God is a faceless dog
15 The end of gods
16 Once upon a time in band of dogs

Philippe Gleizes -batterie
Jean-Philippe Morel -basse, fx
Vincent Peirani -accordéon
Aymeric Avice -trompette, bugle
Hugues Mayot -saxophone ténor
Bruno Ruder -fender rhodes
Thomas de Pourquery -saxophone alto
Theo Ceccaldi -violon
Elise Caron -chant
Andy Emler -claviers
Antonin Rayon -claviers
Giles Coronado -guitare

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