1 Come Along
2 Amdy Baryp
3 Langchyy Boom
4 Carry Me Through
5 Dorug Daiym
6 Coming Buddha
7 Eki Attar
8 The Steppe
9 Uzhur-La Bar
10 Khandagaity
11 Voyager
12 Teve-Khaia
13 Tuva.Rock
14 Amdy Baryp

at-kha Come from Tuva, Out on the Borders of Siberia and Western Mongolia. They Dress Like Throw-backs to the Hippy Psychedelic Era, and Create Some of the Most Extraordinary Noises on the Planet. Albert Kuvezin is an Exponent of the Local Style of Throat-singing, which Allows the Performer to Hold More Than One Note at Once While Producing Surely the Deepest Growls on Record. He is also a Guitarist who Likes to Switch Between Gentle Acoustic Passages and Frantic Electric Solos, and He Leads a Band that also Includes Such Traditional Tuvan Stringed Instruments as the Igil. The Resulting Songs Are Gloriously Exhilarating, Being at their Best Treating Tuva’s Gutsy Traditional Songs to the Trademark Blend of Wild Rhythm and Growls. These Range from Exuberant Growled Rockers Like Come Along to Slow Growled Ballads, all with Lyrics in English and Sounding as If He is Desperate to Join the Western Pop Mainstream.〜メーカーインフォより

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