西アフリカの音楽大国マリは1960年にフランスから独立を果たした後、レイル・バンドらの台頭によってポピュラー・ミュージックが繁栄する一方で、グリオーたちが伝えてきた伝統音楽も同国の音楽文化を豊かなものにしてきました。そんなマリに息づく様々なマンデ系の伝統音楽を作り出し60~90年代に活躍したパイオニアたちを紹介する>2LP『The Lost Maestros』(SFML-0011)がCD化されました。ソク(擦弦楽器)奏者Zoumana Teretaをはじめ、Trico Boy、Labouzou、Tiowa Dembele…いった、マンデ音楽の様々なジャンルの知られざる大物たちをまとめて楽しむことができます。(サプライヤーインフォより)

1 Zoumana Tereta– Duni 3:03
2 Askia Modibo– Sebela 4:33
3 Labouzou– So Happy In You 4:24
4 Tiowa Dembele– Ho Imimouwo 5:45
5 Trico Boy– Mani Kuru 4:10
6 Tambaoura Jazz– Kabu 6:31
7 Namakoro Fomba– Segou to Yanfolila 6:26
8 Mangala Camara– Djelale 4:46
9 Zoumana Tereta– Falla 4:42
10 Askia Modibo– Ngioumamba 4:44
11 Labouzou– Balanzan 4444 4:22
12 Tiowa Dembele– Mahari 3:41
13 Trico Boy– Tchierombaye 4:24
14 Tambaoura Jazz– Salia 5:25
15 Mangala Camara– Fantanden 5:21
16 Tambaoura Jazz– Magasse 5:20
From the sleeve notes:
“The Lost Maestros is an initiative that embraces pioneers of Mande Music and a young generation of cultural actors in post-independence Mali. Mali’s new government demanded a radical cultural empowerment.
The project assembles ardent musicians producing modernized-and-electrified sounds inspired by the Mandinka, Bambara, and Bobo musical repertoires just like the efforts that took place between 1960s to the 1990s by pioneers such as Tidiani Kone and Rail Band.
The collection is above all a sample of the prodigious cultural heritage of Mande music. A pentatonic music that also resonates in blues form America and afrobeat from Nigeria and features some of the best magicians of stringed and percussion instruments.
Other thna Askia Modibo, Tambaoura Jazz and Labouzou, the other musicians were all part of a glorious epoque of regional and national orchestras. For eight years, Mieruba-ML, supported 8 Malian musicians and groups inspired by Mangala Camara’s career and vision for Malian Music in the 21st Century. Great artists in Mali usually do not receive deserved local recognition. “

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