MISSAO-DE-PESQUISAS-FOLKLORICASA collection of 1938-vintage field recordings culled from the library of the Discoteca Pública Municipal (Municipal Public Recordings Collection) in São Paulo, Brazil. The Discoteca, which commissioned the Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas (Folklore Research Mission), dispatched a team to six states in north and northeast Brazil to document regional folklore, ritual music, and dance. The cultural expedition gathered recordings, musical instruments, costumes, and ritual objects. The music they collected, much of which accompanied ritual, social, and dramatic dance, is primarily vocal, accompanied by various types of drums, bells, rattles, shakers, and other assorted Brazilian percussion, and strings. All material has been expertly re-mastered from the original source discs for this release.

1. Eua Mamnjo Eua – Xango
2. E Codo E Codo E Codo – Tambor De Mina
3. E De Mariole E De Mariola – Tambor De Mina
4. Eu Vere Garape Vodum – Tambor De Mina
5. O Mina Tere Tere – Tambor De Mina
6. Ai Inhanhan – Tambor De Mina
7. A Docu Semenome – Babacue
8. Marajo Ja Teve Fama – Pajelanca
9. Esse Catu Catu – Pajelanca
10. Chamada Do Vapo Ia – Praia
11. Pancarus – Praia
12. Mandar Mi Chama – Coco
13. Ingate Do Vapo Ia – Coco
14. Tamanquero Eu Quero Um Pa – Coco
15. Adeus, Adeus Amo – Coco
16. O Meu Loro Nao Fala – Coco
17. E Boi – Coco
18. Choa No Mara, Choa – Coco
19. Qua, Qua, Qua – Coco
20. Samba – Samba E Carimbu
21. Marinhero – Samba E Carimbu
22. Oh Lua Nova, Oh Lua Cheia – Bumba-Meu-Boi
23. Manue Eu So Vim Faz Teu Gosto – Bumba-Meu-Boi

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