V.A. / PHASES OF THE MOON, Traditional Chinese Music

*orginal LP album released 1981 by SONY, US

1 The Moon Mirrored In The Pool 5:12
Composed By Hua Yanjun
Erhu Wang Guotong
2 The Moon On High 12:08
3 Days Of Emancipation 2:40
Composed By Zhu Jianer
4 Dance Of The Yao People 6:07
Composed By Liu Tieshan, Mao Yüan
5 Peking Opera Melody: Flowing Water 3:12
Composed By Gu Guanren
6 Tashwayi 5:00
Arranged By Khurban Ibrahin
Traditional [Uygur Folk Music]
Orchestra Orchestra Of The Song And Dance Ensemble Of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
7 Spring On The Pamir Plateau 3:22
Composed By Li Tatong
Dizi Li Tatong
8 Purple Bamboo Melody 2:39
Arranged By Ma Shenglong
Orchestra Peking Opera Theatre Of Shanghai Orchestra, Shanghai Philharmonic Society Orchestra
9 Dancing In The Moonlight 2:10
Arranged By Peng Xiuwen
Traditional [Axi]
10 Song Of The Herdsmen 6:05
Arranged By Huang Xiaofei
Traditional [Mongolian]
Conductor Huang Xiaofei
11 Spring On A Moonlit River 9:25
Pipa By Zhang Tasen

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