V.A. / MENTO, NOT CALYPSO! The Original Sound of Jamaica

初CD化曲多数!だそうです。ジャマイカン・メント、いろいろリリースされているような気もしますが、すべてSP-78rpm 音源ということで、コレは貴重な51曲ということになりますね。ノット・カリプソ、というところを強調したかった選曲趣旨が感じられるコレクションです。

CD 1
1 Sir Horace & His Merry Knights: Mambo Jamaica
2 The Tower Islanders: The brown skin gal
3 The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians: Red heat
4 The George Moxey Quartet: Montego calypso
5 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Mango walk / Give me back me shilling / Mr. Parney /Sweet Charlie
6 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Mary’s lamb / The more we are together
7 Count Lasher With Charlie Binger’s Six: Calabash
8 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Wheel and turn me
9 Chin’s Calypso Sextet: Give her love
10 The Wigglers: Limbo
11 The Denzil Laing Trio: Not me
12 The talking parrot
13 Baba Motta & His Orchestra: Kitch
14 Calypso Quintet: Penny-reel
15 Dan Williams & His Orchestra: Calypso whai whai whai
16 Lord Tickler With The Jamaican Calypsonians: Green guava
17 The Ticklers: Hard hearted lover
18 George Moxey & His Calypso Quintet: The ole man’s drive
19 Local Calypso Quintet: Honeymoon
20 The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians: Hold ‘Im Joe
21 The Tower Islanders: Advice to men
22 Dan Williams & His Orchestra: Transportation Kingston Style
23 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Donkey city
24 Count Owen & His Calypsonians: Take her to Jamaica
25 Count Lasher & His Calypsonians: Calypso cha cha cha
26 Lord Power & His Calypsonians: Mambo la-la

CD 2
1 Sir Horace & His Merry Knights: Morgan’s mento
2 Lord Power & His Calypsonians: Special amber calypso
3 Lord Tickler With The Jamaican Calypsonians: Limbo
4 Count Owen & His Calypsonians: Brown skin gal
5 Reynolds Calypso Clippers: Solus market
6 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Etheopia
7 Chin’s Calypso Sextet: Industrial fair
8 Count Lasher’s Calypso Quintet: Dalvey gal / Parson
9 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Miss Goosie
10 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Mattie rag / Brown skin gal
11 The Ticklers: Parish gal
12 The Mighty Panther With The Jamaican Calypsonians: Cinemascope
13 The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians: Back to back, belly to belly
14 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Miss Daisy / Brown skin girl
15 Count Lasher’s Calypso Quintet: Trek to England
16 Cobra Man Eith George Moxey & His Calypso Quintet: My brother calamity
17 Chin’s Calypso Sextet: Adam and Eve
18 The Denzil Laing Trio: Mary Ann / Brown skin gal
19 Count Lasher & His Calypsonians: Perseverance
20 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Ugly woman
21 The Jamaican Calypsonians: Run mongoose / Linstead Market
22 Count Lasher’s Calypso Quintet: Water the garden
23 The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians: Bloodshot eyes
24 Local Calypso Quintet: Money is king
25 The Tower Islanders: Hold ‘Im Joe

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