1–Lord Tanamo & Charlie Binger’s Six /Invitation To Jamaica
2–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /Island In The Sun
3–Lord Lebby With The Jamaican Calypsonians /Mama No Want No Rice, No Peas
4–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Hold ’Em Joe
5–Laurel Aitken & The Boogie Cats /Baba Kill Me Goat
6–Lord Laro /Referendum Calypso
7–Count Sticky & His Calypsonians /Chico Chico
8–Alerth Bedasse With Local Calypso Quintet /Rough Rider
9–Lord Flea & His Calypsonians /Naughty Little Flea
10–Hubert Porter With The Jamaican Calypsonians /Rum And Coconut Water
11–Clyde Hoyte’s Manor House Mentones /Charlie’s Song
12–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /Hool-A-Hoop Calypso
13–Cobra Man With Ganny Gabbison And His Calypso Band /Maintenance
14–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Back To Back, Belly To Belly
15–Lord Power With Trenton Spence Quartet /Strip Tease
16–Arthur Knibbs With Cecil Knott And His Joybell Orchestra /Banana
17–Lord Tanamo /Wicked Woman
18–Laurel Aitken /Calypso Rock N Roll
19–Count Zebra & The Seasiders /Bed-Bug
20–Unknown Artist /Love, Love Alone
21–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /Aye, Aye, Aye
22–Bertie King /Wheel And Tun Me
23–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Lousy Mother In Law
24–Marie Bryant & Mike McKenzie Quintet /Little Boy

1–Lord Lebby With The Jamaican Calypsonians /Sweet Jamaica
2–Lord Power With Calypso Quintet /Chambolina
3–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /Lawd Some Man Could A Smart
4–Laurel Aitken /Nebuchnezer
5–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Drive Her Home
6–Count Zebra & The Seasiders /Cat-O-Nine
7–Lord Tanamo & His Calypsonians /Animal Instinct
8–Clyde Hoyte’s Manor House Mentones /Old Firesticks
9–Count Sticky & His Calypsonians /Bam Celiena
10–Lord Tickler & The Jamaican Calypsonians /Mama Look Tea
11–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /The Weed
12–Lord Power ,With Trenton Spence Quartet /Let’s Do It
13–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Stone Cold Dead In The Market
14–Laurel Aitken & His Calypso Band Rege Dege Ding
15–Lord Laro /rong Impressions Of A /Solder
16–Lord Tanamo & His Calypso Band /Little Fist
17–Alerth Bedasse With Chin’s Sextet /Honey Bee
18–Hubert Porter with The Jamaican Calypsonians /Not Me
19–Count Owen & His Calypsonians /The Lost Watch
20–Count Lasher And Charlie Binger’s Six /Miss Constance
21–Harold Richardson With Charlie Binger And His Quintet /Jamaica Is The Place To Go
22–Lord Foodoos & His Calypso Band /Jamaica Farewell
23–The Wigglers /The Mermaid
24–Marie Bryant & Mike McKenzie Quintet /Tomato

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