V.A. / ETHIOPIAN URBAN AND TRIBAL MUSIC Mindanao Mistiru, Gold From Wax

Mindanoo Mistiru means ‘What is the Unknown?’
Gold from Wax refers to the layers of meaning in Amharic poetry.
Ethiopia has many languages and styles of music. These recordings were made in the Empire of Ethiopia in 1971. The music recorded in Addis Ababa uses masenko fiddles, craar and bagana lyres, washint flutes and kabaro drums. There is folk music played in Addis Ababa tej beit bars with vocals, craar, masenko, washint and kabaro, Ethiopian Christian songs accompanied by the bagana large ‘Harp of David’ and Mary Armeede’s craar accompanied Amharic sung poetry. There are Afar chants and flutes from the Danakil Desert, Anuak thumb piano, Nuer harp, laments and drumming, a Konso dance and a Gidole flute dance from the Sudan and Kenya borderlands.(レーベルインフォより)>★

エチオピアはアディスのアムハラ人による都市のフォークロアや、様々な民俗&地域のルーツ・ミュージックをフィールド録音(1971) した米リリコード音源LPx2の復刻。アズマリ酒場のマシンコ弾き語りからエチオピア正教のゴスペル、ベゲナやクラールによる吟遊や祈りの歌、あるいは非アムハラ系の、スーダン国境地帯、ダナキル砂漠、ケニア国境地帯の各種民俗音楽、祝祭音楽も収録〜以前、リリコードやラウンダーから復刻CDも出ていましたが、エチオピア・ポピュラー音楽を経た今の耳で改めて聴くと、色々な繋がりが見えて来て、それなりに発見だらけ!

1. Drum Dirge
2. Wub Allem ‘Beautiful World’
3. Galla Song
4. Afar Divination Chant (Jinele)
5. Two Afar Flutes
6. Anuak Toum Thumb Piano (Sanza)
7. Nuer Harp
8. Lome.Dorze Song
9. Jigsaw’s ‘Give Me Money’ Song
10. Bagana
11. Habeebe (‘My Love’) Mary Armeede
12. Ruer Dance
13. Konso Dance Of The Hrela Age Grade
Disc 2
1. Eyo, Dorze Song
2. Kofu
3. Anche-Lej-Amaleh
4. Bagana
5. Galla Song
6. Harambeh Africa
7. Konso Song
8. Msgana
9. Fanno, Mary Armene
10. Fila Flute Dance
11. Nuer Wire Strung Harp
12. Jung Nai
13. Anuak Toum Thumb Piano
14. Walla-Lam
15. Afar Flute

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