CD 1
1 Introducing The Hurricane
Voice – Rev. Wright
2Sit At The Welcome Table
3I Got Drunk For The Lord / Train Is Moving On
4I Know I’ve Been Changed
5Huff Construction Company (Radio Commercial)
6I Love The Lord
7A Mother Loves Her Children All The Time
8I’m Going Through
9Troy’s Supermarket (Radio Commercial)
10Yes To Jesus Christ
11I Feel Alright
12Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
13You Can’t Out-Preach Daddy (Sermon Excerpt)
14I Promised The Lord That I Would Hold Out
15 Feel Like Holdin’ On -Vocals – Valerie Mathis
16Flower Garden (Sermon Excerpt)
17God Specializes
18Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Almost Gone
19A Charge To Keep I Have
CD 2
1Glad About It
2He Didn’t Have To Do It But He Did
3 Yes, Jesus Loves Me -Vocals – Sonya Dorsey
4It Be’s That Way Sometimes
5Devil Don’t Understand Moanin’ (Sermon Excerpt)
6Ready To Put On My Long White Robe
7Rev. Jones Testifies And Talks To A Caller (Radio Excerpt)
8I Don’t Know What You Come To Do
9I Don’t Need A Doctor (Sermon Excerpt)
10I Didn’t Have No Doubt
11Walk With Me
12Get Bluesy Sometimes (Sermon Excerpt)
13Jesus Is Standing By (Sermon Excerpt)
14 My Lord Is A Rock In A Weary Land / Rev. Jones Testifies
15a Nobody’s Fault But Mine -Vocals – Eugena Simmons
15b Don’t Worry `Bout Me  -Vocals – Lula Pearl Jones
15c Don’t Move My Mountains  -Vocals – Valerie Mathis
15d Tell It  -Vocals – Sonya Dorsey
16He That Hath Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear (Sermon Excerpt
17Lose That Man
18Rev. Jones Credits The Radio Show Sponsors (Radio Excerpt)
19When The Gates Swing Open
20 Lay Your Hands On Me Jesus  -Vocals – William Lot
21Psalm 23 / Lord Help Me To Hold Out
22 I’m Gonna Wear That Starry Crown (Home Recording Excerpt)  -Vocals – Josephine Jones (2)

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