01. Gerard Malanga / To The Young Model, Name Unknown
02. Iggy Pop / Untitled
03. Gerard Malanga / The Recording Of Couch
04. Angus Maclise / Cloud Asylum
05. TGerard Malanga / he Recording Of Couch Second Part
06. Peter Hartman / Spontaneous Classical Piano Routine
07. Willard Maas / His Image In The Snow
08. Gerard Malanga + DJ Olive / The 3rd Avenue El
09. Gerard Malanga / The Life And Death Of A Photograph
10. Gerard Malanga+ 48 Cameras / Leaving New York
11. Gerard Malanga / Charles Henri Ford / 3 Haiku
12. Paradise Now / The Silk Process [The Unknown Girl]
13. Gerard Malanga+ Erwan Szabo / The Young Mod
14. William Burroughs + Gerard Malanga / Untitled
15. Thurston Moore / Untitled

Writer, photographer, filmmaker, performer (with the Velvet Underground) and Andy Warhol’s main assistant, superstar and closest friend at the Factory from 1963 to 1970. This is a complete New York pop archive from the beatnik era. Also known as a seminal photo archivist of pop culture, Gerard Malanga edited for Sub Rosa a selection of his audio documents from the early ’60s to the ’90s and invited some friends like Iggy Pop, Thurston Moore and DJ Olive to be part of this vivid archive; mixing the past with the present and the future. Next to the exclusive tracks by the above-mentioned artists you’ll find some more from William S. Burroughs, Charles Henri Ford, Peter Hartman, Andy Warhol, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Gerard himself. The CD comes with a special booklet of photo portraits and poems by the artists.(サプライヤーインフォより)

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