V.A. / KAISO GEMS LIVE 1998, Kitchener’s Calypso Revue

CD 1
1 Where Are The Calypsoes- Bomber
2 Bat On- Brother Marvin
3 Trini Unity- Prince
4 Licks- Organizer
5 Sensitive Toys- Brown Boy
6 Only If- Stinger
7 Misprint- Panther
8 The About The Black Boy- Panther
CD 2
1 Money- Soft Touch
2 Senior Citizen- Bomber
3 Wicked Parents- Princess Moniquie
4 Good Government- Mudada
5 The Greatest Love- Puppet Master
6 Ah Ready To Go- Sugar Aloes
7 Ish- Sugar Aloes

A-1 Where Are The Calypsoes- Bomber

A-2 Bat On- Brother Marvin

B-1 Money- Soft Touch

B-7 Ish- Sugar Aloes

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