V.A. Compiled by SHANTEL & OZ ALMOG / KOSHER NOSTRA, Jewish Gangsters Greatest Hits


01. Connie Francis/ Anniversary Song
02. Tom Jones/ My Yiddishe Mamme
03. The Andrews Sisters/ Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn
04. Chubby Checker/ Misirlou
05. Solomon Schwartz et son Orchestra/ Hava Nagila
06. The Bagelmann Sisters with Abe Ellstein Orchester
/ A Vaibele, a Tsnie
07. Leonid Utjossow/ Mu Mu
08. Al Jolson & Andrews Sisters/ The Old Piano Roll Blues
09. Connie Francis/ Shein vi de Levone
10. Barry Sisters/ Zug Es Meir Noch Amool
11. Molly Picon/ Es Fehlt Ihr Die Rozinke
12. Aaron Lebedeff & Alexander Olshanetzky’s Orchestra
/ What Can You Mach?-S’is America
13. Sophie Tucker/ My Yiddishe Mamme
14. Yiddish Swing Orchestra/ The Bridegroom Special
15. The Barry Sisters/ Eishes – Chiyell
16. The Gilt Edged Four/ Yiddisher Charleston
17. Cleo Brown/ When Hollywood Goes Black And Tan
18. Sophie Tucker/ Some of These Days
19. Wilmoth Houdini/ Black But Sweet
20. Connie Francis/ O mein Papa
21. Roza Eskenazy/ Hariklaki

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