今年はコロナ禍のおかげで、どなたも買付ならず、とうとうベトナムもの、1点も入荷しなかったんですね…、と、気づいたら、なんだか、悔しくなって来たので、何かないものかと、こちらを探し当てたのでした(仏盤ですけどね)。内容コンセプトとしてはカンボジア・ロックにおける遅れてやって来た外様バンド、デンゲ・フィーヴァーみたいな立ち位置で、ベトナム歌謡に相対しているんでしょうね…(フランス人を混じえたバンド)。戦争とか、革命や独裁やらの跡にはもう消えてしまった(南べトナムのサイゴンの場合、それは1975年に消えてしまいました)往年の洋楽指向POPリヴァイヴァル+α バンド?とでも言いますか…、と、まさしく”サイゴン・ソウル・リヴァイヴァル”というバンド名、なかなかイイ感じにパンチの効いた歌謡曲ソウル魂の持ち主であるところの、ベトナム人女性の歌をフィーチュアーしたバンドです。ちょっとイイ感じじゃないですか?

1.Đi Xa Đời Nhau 03:12
2.Hào Hoa feat. Blacka 04:03
3.Nhân Gian Tình 04:43
4.Vỡ Mộng ân Tình feat. Nguyễn Thị Hải Phượng 03:53
5.Tình Nhạc Sỹ 03:00
6.Sầu Đông 03:32
7.Giây Phút Cuối Tuần feat. Mai Lệ Huyền 03:29
8.Nào Ta Cùng Hát 04:04
9.Bài Ca Ngông 03:39
10.Chuồn Chuồn Xanh (Hòa tấu) feat. Nguyễn Thị Hải Phượng 05:24
11.Chốn Tình Xưa 05:25

Saigon Soul Revival has been on a quest to reawaken the raw, enchanting sounds of 1960s and 70s Vietnam; a time when passionate music resonated in Saigon’s streets and clubs with messages of love, heartache, hope and freedom. Amongst the turmoil of war, there was a rich cultural climate that fused popular genres of the day like rock, soul and bolero with Vietnamese music and lyrics. This fusion of sounds that bridged east and west became forbidden after the fall of Saigon in 1975 and almost vanished. Four decades later Saigon Soul Revival was born with the initial purpose of bringing these dormant sounds back to the stage. After numerous live performances over the last 3 years, the band has developed their own sound and now, with the release of their debut album “Họa Âm Xưa”, they are ready to share it with the rest of the world. The 11 track LP, including original compositions and nostalgic reinterpretations, blends traditional Vietnamese elements with modern concepts, featuring pre ‘75 and current artists, all while remaining firmly rooted in the “nhạc vàng” (golden music) of the time. Meaning “Old Harmonies”, Saigon Soul Revival is proud to present “Họa Âm Xưa” as a tribute to the artists and composers of the time that inspired them to create this marriage between past and present. (メーカーインフォより)

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