Rasmee is a singer and song writer from North East Thailand. She began singing at the age of 5 with her father, founder of Jariang band (Khmer folk singing). At the age of 13 she joined the local band in Isaan region. Her music is the unique mixture of traditional Mor lam-Jariang cultures with Soul. She calls her singing style “Isaan Soul”. Currently living in Chiang Mai, she has collaborated with various foreign musicians (Poni Hoax (France), Limousine (France), Bamako Express (Israel-Thailand), etc.) and frequently invited to Europe to play and record music. (〜以上Artist’sHPより)

…というわけで、なるほどイサーンSOUL!まるでモーラムのような歌 / 謡い口でたたみかけるインディーROCK系女性SSWの登場です!説得力ありますね。既にレアー !!

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