MARTIN SIMPSON & THOMM JUTZ / NOTHING BUT GREEN WILLOW, the songs of mary sands and jane gentry



1. Fair Annie (feat. Emily Portman)
2. Geordie (feat. Sierra Hull & Justin Moses)
3. Pretty Saro (feat. Odessa Settles)
4. Edward (feat. Seth Lakeman)
5. Edwin In The Lowlands Low (feat. Tim O’Brien)
6. Jacob’s Ladder (feat. Dale Ann Bradley & Tim Stafford)
7. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies (feat. Cara Dillon)
8. The Wagoner’s Lad
9. Married and Single Life (feat. Tammy Rogers)
10. The Gypsy Laddie
11. The Suffolk Miracle (feat. Angeline Morrison)
12. I Whipped My Horse (feat. Fay Hield)
13. Awake! Awake! (Martin Simpson/Thomm Jutz)

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