1. Prologue
2. Up North
3. On A Misty Morning
4. Nothing More Than Strangers
5. My Child
6. Interlude
7. It’s Not Likely
8. Words Through A Locked Door
9. What A Beautiful Place
10. The Innocence Of A Child
11. It Comes With the Breezes
12. Epilogue
13. In The Hot Summer

The first ever compact disc issue of Catherine Howe’s brilliant debut album. Produced by legendary jazz pianist Bobby Scott, the album is a pastoral blend of English countryside folk and London orchestral pop, not unlike Bryter Layter or North Star Grassman And The Ravens. Originally released on Reflection Records in 1971, the much sought after album disappeared before ever hitting the racks. Booklet includes half a dozen unpublished photos and an anotated history of the album’s brief existence. The fully remastered album includes an unearthed bonus track originally intended to be included on the album.(メーカーインフォより)

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