CD 1
1.All of Me – (Take 1)
2.Foolin’ Myself
3.My First Impression of You
4.When You’re Smiling
5.Back in Your Own Backyard
6.He’s Funny That Way
7.He Ain’t Got Rhythm
8.Now They Call It Swing
9.I’ve Got a Date with a Dream
10.If Dreams Come True
11.I Must Have That Man!
12.Man I Love, The
13.When a Woman Loves a Man
14.You’re a Lucky Guy
15.Easy Living
16.Everybody’s Laughing
17.Laughing at Life
18.Getting Some Fun out of Life
CD 2
1.Foolin Myself
2.My First Impression Of You
3.When You’re Smiling
4.Back In You Own Backyard
5.He’s Funny That Way
6.He Ain’t Got Rhythm
7.Now They Call It Swing
8.I’ve Got A Date With A Dream
9.If Dreams Come True
10.I Must Have That Man
11.Man I Love
12.When A Woman Loves A Man
13.You’re A Lucky Guy
14.Easy Living
15.Laughing At Life
16.Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
17.I’m Pulling Through
18.I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love With Me
19.Let’s Do It
20.Say It With A Kiss
21.This Year’s Kisses
22.Sun Showers
23.Time On My Hands
24.Sailboat In The Moonlight
25.Yours And Mine
26.I Can’t Get Started
27.Very Thought Of You
28.You’re Just A No-Account
29.Mean To Me
30.Trav’lin’ All Alone
31.Without Your Love
32.I’ll Never Be The Same
33.Me Myself And I
34.All Of Me (take 3)

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