1956 Live recordings @ Olympia, Paris

Amalia’s Breakthrough International Album, this Live Recording was Made at Paris’ Legendary Olympia Hall in the Spring of 1956, at a Time When the Singer was Becoming the Toast of Paris and a Major Star in France. Released Originally in January of 1957, this Album Remains Still Today in the EMI Catalog, Proving the Unique Power of Am¯lia’s Performance. She Has Seldom Been Better Captured on Stage Than on this Mesmerising Record. (メーカーインフォより)

1. Uma Casa Portuguesa
2. Nem As Paredes Confesso
3. Al Mouraria
4. Perseguicao
5. Tudo Isto E Fado
6. Fado Corrido
7. Barco Negro (Do Filme ‘Os Amantes Do Tejo’)
8. Coimbra
9. Sabe-Se La
10. Tendinha
11. La Vai Lisboa
12. Que Deus Me Perdoe
13. Lisboa Antiga
14. Amalia

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